• I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. The knowledge I have gained from it is priceless! Thank you both very much.

    – Venus Theory, can I please request a tutorial? I am trying to make a minimal/groovy style drum and bass track. I really want to try getting a really thick yet clean sub the glides and bounces like in this tune: Unglued – Ghetto. (If you haven’t heard it, definitely check it out. Great groove to it). But yeah, I really want to go in a similar direction with my sound, but I can’t seem to get the bass to flow like it does in this! Is it just down to pitch bending the notes? Small sub notes at a time? I’m really not sure. Also, Koherent – Minimal Funk has the same type of bass I’m looking for as well.

    Only if you can find the time to do it, of course. Cheers again as always man. 👍🏼

  • Ayy that's me! I hope I passed on at least a couple things worth your time haha, this was my first interview too so excuse the nervousness. If there is anything in here that you would like better explained feel free to ask me! Thanks again Cameron for the honor, I am sure that will become a coveted seat in the near future! Bass is life! o/

  • Excellent stuff Cameron. Sometimes I just hope this channel won't blow up as much so the interactivity with your viewers keeps on such a splendid level ;P
    Also thanks to OMSTRB for sharing his knowledge and the nice tunes I just heard on Soundcloud.

    Ok, this weekend is manic production time – getting my autistic bubble ready….


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