• I have an arturia 61 with 16 pads; Is there a way to have the kicks receive signals only from the 16 pads in my midi controller while all other instruments in fl studio receive signals from the keys in my keyboard? Or do I really need to have two midi devices to dictate where the signals are received from?

  • Hi!

    I have a question: Why do all the tutorial guys on YT n stuff NOT use the FPC? It seems to be the best method by far.

    You in fact CAN send FPC Pads to another channel, by clicking on it then in the top right corner, in the row under the folder symbol, you select the channel you want it to be put on to. So that's not a problem, really.

    Other than that, it seems to make everything easier. Layering is super easy. Having Samples behave naturally is easier (because hitting something with less velocity not only makes it more silent, other things change a lot too, so the overall sound is much different). It seems to be easier to organize. You can easily save you own "signature" drum patterns, like Fills you frequently use for example. All things both other mehtods don't seem to offer.

    I've worked with dragging samples into the playlist for the last 1 1/2 years, because the visual representation is way better than a pattern and it's easier to add variation.
    But recently, when i started making Metal again and not only electronic music, specifically the thing with the velocity became a HUGE problem. You can't have a metal track where every single drum hit has the same velocity; it needs to be humanized.

    I at first began using the Sampler and until recently dragging into the playlist, just because pretty much every tutorial i learned to use FL with did it like that. I can't remember one even mentioning the FPC, let alone actually using it.

    So i wonder: Why? Am i missing something bad about the FPC? Because almost everything seems better about the FPC, except visual representation, really.

    I understand that it's mostly personal preference, but NOT ONE tutorial channel i've watched more than 1 or 2 times using it makes me kinda suspicious.

  • Hi, good vid but I still don't really understand the FPC : How can you mix the different part of the drum separately using the FPC? Also, it feels like it already has effects on it like a reverb, and the samples that I load in the FPC doesn't sound the same in the channel rack. Do you know how to fix it?

  • To disable PDC(plugin delay compensation), do this:
    1. Open the Mixer
    2. Click on the top-left arrow
    3. Go to Plugin Delay Compensation
    4. Disable/uncheck "Automatic"
    5. Click on the clock icons in the mixer tracks
    6. Select 'Reset'
    7. That's it.


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