• I’m still waiting on my launchpad to deliver, here’s some positive feedback on this video. You don’t sit there rambling on for 5 minutes on what the video will be about, you get into it very fast and explain the video really well. Good job. Here is a subscribe and a like.

    Edit: Took a lot of troubleshooting but it worked. Thank you

  • When I turn on my launchpad(plug it in) random buttons light up, ranging from yellow to red, on all of the top circly key thingies and C D E and F light up as well and Idk how to turn them off, also 2D 4B and 8C wont respond to clicks but sometimes 2D lights up red

  • hello, i judt recently got a launchapd mini mark 2 for my birthday and is having some diffuculties setting it up. i tried to see if the lights were working time and time again yet is will not appear on my launchpad. if u could maybe do a video posting on the mark 2 mini that would greatly be appreciated or tell me how to set it up. im willing to pay a little


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