• One thing I do is sing in my melodies and basslines. Matter of fact, I star every song by just singing every part. I then use the convert audio to midi feature, clean up the notes, and add sounds to them… I'm also using the audio to midi function to get the notes so that i can practice playing it on the piano to build my relative pitch skills over time.

  • Watched 20+ videos, read 10+ articles and 50+ forum posts to make DAW choice, then stick with Ableton after watching just 1 video of you. You're the only reason I'm using Ableton. Universe needs more mentors like you! Well done, keep doing what you doing!

  • Much quicker way to record hihat rolls: In Drumrack, copy the same hihat sound to 3 different cells, create a mute group, put an arpeggiator on each hh cell, and adjust the rates to 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 respectively. Now you can record your rolls by simply triggering the different cells, done.

  • The Korg NanoKey2 is $50 USD. That gives you two octaves of keys for $50 BRAND NEW. If you can shell out for a legit copy of Ableton Live… then this isn't too much further away in terms of gear. If you have $100, you can have full sized, real keys, some drum pads and a few pots (Nektar Impact LX25). If you're willing to do used, then you can save even more money.

    It's not always about the dream set-up. Sometimes going minimalist can help force you into new workflows and help inspire new ideas.

  • So least month or two I been working on making beats and playing around. I have such a hard time making a certain concept of music, like trap! There are plenty of tutorials but my beats always come out in such a different vibe. They sound great but never what I want lol. Guess its the process of just going with the flow


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