• Confusion on High pass vs Low pass. It's always what frequencies are kept. High pass allows the HIGHS to PASS and low pass lets the LOWS to PASS. You can also call them cuts which then describes what frequencies are removed. A low cut removes the lows and a High cut removes the highs. A filter in the real world allows something to go through it and blocks another substance. Air filters let air pass and removes dust and contaminants. A water filter lets water pass and removes minerals. Audio filters behave the same way.

  • Just a heads up RE: Limiter

    The gain knob doesn't set the absolute max db (ceiling) for your incoming audio, and raising the gain above the default ceiling of -0.30 db will result in compression of your audio. Limiters are generally placed at the end of a mastering chain to prevent transient information from peaking over 0 db.


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