• Yo Busy, i know your style, who you are etc. But.. can't you try something different? Something compelling that will make your hair stand on your neck? LIke your beat and vocals here basically put a smile on people's face when the sun is out, when they're partying with friends etc, but how often is a listener actually in that environment? 5%?
    This is going to sound racist. But 100% of your stuff is… black music. Basically, it repeats the trope, that Black men can't sing. So instead, they just talk. They talk really fast, or they talk slow with music over the top, and 99% of the time, what they're talking about in their conversation/song? is women, girls, cars, money, houses, enemies, gangs, lifestyle.
    And to be honest, the way you're talking in all of your songs, it's that "black American", which is basically a more natural and cool version of Black Jamaican, it's a way of speaking thats more relaxed, and allwows you to get your message across without having to ve very precise at ALL in the words you're saying. So you speak with this … swing, missing words all the time if i ask "Where is your friend?" you say "He ova daare". No S's etc. And because this is SUCH a dominant .. language.. and it dominates how american black people (and many many white kids) it puts you in a Corner Busy. Honestly, i love your music, but because you only speak, and all the other black male performers speak, you kinda all sound the same.

    You're pigeon holing yourself man. Because of your easy, laid back style, the same as all the other guys, you're never going to release a tune that LITERALLY blows people away.. BLOWS people minds… EVER> Do you know why? Because you, and every other male black performer like you, jusrt release albums full of you talking.,.. the same way, same beats. it's easy.

    Go listen to the Theme from Schindlers List, GO listen to the Theme from that movies "Arrival" or actually the song is called "On the Nature of Daylight". Ok? listen to those, come back here and then listen you just basically cahtting about how you're gonna bust someone's head or, you're gonna get the best girl etc.
    When the person listening to your new album has to ask "Who wrote this". because even though they can hear your voice, because you speak the same way and "sing" the same way as 20,,000 other black males, you all sound the same, Listen too "On the Nature of Daylight" all the way through, come back here, and create a tune you deserve to blow people away with.

    The only time i get any kind of a feeling in my chest from your music, is when you bring in a black female singer who can actually sing.. you know, in your SONG… singing in it. Let me know, this is a challenege.

  • Worst mastering tutorial ever, you don't really explain shit after showing with everything else on you need to work from the ground up not half way and make tweeks


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