• You are totally right. I am not a DJ I have keyboards but I was pretty obsessed with synthesis and sample editing I couldn' t compose even a single note for a couple of years. But actually I learnt pretty much things about analog signals, filters,LFO's etc… I have watched your tutorial videos about Denon Prime series and I love them. I am planning to by 2 sc5000 and 1 x1800 🙂

  • thanks a lot! I was so fearful about sound design! thanks for this motivations! it just charged me to produce my own sound. I was just got stuck in the idea that making your own sound is just a matter of practise but tbh I'm too much lazy lol! but yeah this thing motivates me preety well ♥

  • "sound design tutorial” and you just tweak a preset? then claim to say serum is used by everyone so you don’t use it to sound unique?? even though serum has much more capabilities of sounding unique than operator and fm8? extremely closed minded ll.

  • Also… This has to be the worst sound design tutorial from a pro I have ever seen. Your vlogs are nice, but this was merely just a "pick a preset and tweak a few knobs". Well that kinda is sound design… But not in the sense people usually expect a tutorial to be.

  • Wait did he just say "designing sounds from scratch limits your creativity"? Doesnt it sorta increase it? If you are good at sound design, then you arent limited to presets, samples & other stuff. When you learn it properly, you can get a pretty quick workflow, since you dont have to experiment too much anymore to get a certain sound.

  • Early Avicii heavily used the nexus presets. Dancepiano2k7 but no one cared because it was a great tune. Not everyone is a producer that's listening to music and they don't care where you got it from.


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