• "…an occasional minor pop sound in the audio…" = facepalm (isn't hard-realtime capability supposed to be the whole point of having purpose-built standalone hardware in the first place?)

  • this guy thinks if he is okay it is okay. This kindof thinking is horrible, selfish, and dangerous for society. Community has issues then we all have issues.

  • Cool vid. Thanks, man. I am getting one in the morning, i am still apprehensive. Do you know if the Expressive E touché controller and Roli Seaboard Rise will work with this…both plugged at the same time?

  • Bluetooth – is it now full implemented with firmware 2.05 ? – As well as Ableton Link ? – Does it work with iOS iPad in both directions ?
    By the way, a criminal case against InMusic Brands, inc. USA, the head office of AKAI brand was started in July 2017, for misleading advertising. The reason is primarily the claim of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability on the pack, although this has not worked or been implemented since the market launch until today, both in the MPC Live and in the MPC X.

  • FYI I just read the release notes for the 2.0.5 firmware update and they've put a lot into it, including a List Editor, which was one of my main requests. Also added were real time stretching and pitch shifting, Grid copy and numerous additions, improvements and bug fixes.  It's really nice to see them add all this polish to the firmware.

  • A really clear and logical review of the MPC Live. It's #1 on my list of "major synth purchase in December". You have a great soothing voice and you get right into the sounds of this machine. Thanks.

  • You might consider using an acoustic guitar or dry signal to demo the effects, the synth sound you are using already sounds so synthetic it's hard to get an idea of how the effects actually sound. Great demo BTW, would love to see some keygroup stuff and realtime workflow stuff. I'm looking at the X, but still have some unresolved questions.

  • Great video, really clear and to the point. I just got a LIve, mostly because I needed a decent hardware sampler. I've been having problems with the sample edit, it seems like it gets a bit confused and I have to pop out and back in. Overall though, pretty awesome 🙂 Quick question, I've been messing with the region chop, but I don't see any way to map those out to the pads as a part of the drum program. Any ideas???

  • Are the returns saved per-sequence, or are they global? I've found the effects on the mpc-1000 really frustrating to have change per-sequence, so that I can have it that each song I perform (usually each song is built in only one, or at most two sequences) has a different set of effects.

  • Great video. sorry the reverb doesen't do much for you. myself i'm not big on lots reverb. sometimes I love keeping things a bit dry. so it won't be a problem for me. what i'm looking forward to is it being able to read my MPC 2000xl kits, files, sequences and beats. that's awesome

  • the efx section (and sound modules) are almost useless. I tend to use 3 party plugins and soft synths that sounds MUCH better than the internal stuff.
    BUT using 3rd party stuff tend to crash my 2.0 beta S/W…

  • chopping modes dont really work except for manual… typical and you cant do real time warping and bpm… stupid 🙁 speaking of stability when using controller mode it crashes all the time

  • Im sorry but the filters are all way to metallic for my taste. Maybe its the samples you are using, but warmth is no where to be found in anything I have heard. That said I'm really happy to see the daw like interface that seems very detailed and easy to work with, maybe with some updates this will be a part of my rig

  • Ableton and Elektron are the tastemakers of our era with Ableton being the best of all worlds software-wise and Elektron the best of all hardware designs… Akai needs to go at their throats if they are going to truly be competitive. They are years and years late with this and while it's decent it still cannot out perform the Elektron products. I was really hoping that they would create a monster at this price point but really they just made another MPC with a touchscreen and a battery.

  • Hi, I have to agree with everyone who says this is an excellent review. Clearly drum machine samplers are designed with percussion and phrase sampling in mind but samplers of old specifically rackmount samplers made by Emu Roland and Akai were geared more with sound synthesis and design as it's primary function. People could loaded pre-made string sample patches or Rhodes samples patches that sounded infinitely more realistic then all the sound modules of the day, but if one was inclined to treat those rack mount samplers like a synth with a blank canvas for its sound source where anything could become a playable patch. I wonder if you have any thoughts about using the mpc live for for sound design and making playable patches out of short single cycle wave forms? If you know of any currently produced hardware sampler that is specifically designed for that kind of work? 4 samples for pad is plenty for making a kick from scratch but is the bare minimum for sound design. I was fascinated by how many insert points there are through out the signal flow. Multiple Lfo's are also essential not just for modulation of pitch or the filters but also amplitude, panning perhaps even loop points? I'd love to hear your thoughts on all of this and if you have any thoughts about an alternative sampler that's geared towards sound design, I'd be much obliged. Thank you again for this review.

    I'd be grateful if you shared it,

  • Well we can"t expect them to put everything into stand alone mode or you would never use the software which I think is smart on Akai behalf. Certain things they are going to make you use the software to do. I think primarily the stand alone is just for users to create their ideas and then to take them further use the software. Just my opinion.

  • I have an Octatrack but I am looking for an alternative tool for playing live. Is the MPC Live good at transitioning between songs? I haven't found a great way to go from song to song (without stopping the sequencer) and I was wondering how the MPC does this

  • can you import MIDI files into the software? If I can program a full song on MIDI (in my DAW) and then import the MIDI files into the MPC-Live for playback to external synths, all in sync with the audio tracks, this thing is going to be a HUGE game changer for my live set-up! This is mostly what I'm interested in, and I can't find a clear example of whether or not this is possible. I know I can obviously just program on the MPC Live, but if I can just import them from Ableton or Pro Tools or Logic or whatever, that would be dope.

  • Thanks for spending some time on the program edit page – I'd seen very little mention of layers, lfo, ect. I've been loving my S3000XL for sound design, and hoped this would help me bring my skills into 2017.

    A deeper look at the program editing please!


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