• mpc heads can you do an example demonstration of velocity layers, I know creating velocity layers the old way you can layer different sample sound to one keep group spread across all the keys, but with auto sampler you cant add different sounds as layers, just the same sound so which layer is the normal playing level, the higher layer or layers when you strike the keys real hard like a piano, do you start with the first layer as the higher number then 2,3, and 4 as the lower numbers or do you start the lower number with the higher number then 3, 2 and 1 the lower lower numbers??

  • Nice work! Sounds like you got some great results with the final loops you used. I’ve been busy with work and family the past few days, so haven’t had a chance the install the 2.3 update yet. Really keen to give this a try though!

    E-MU had the best auto crossfade looping with their E4 series samplers back in the 90s. It wasn’t fully auto.. You would sample one note and assign it to a key, then sample another note and assign it to a key, and it would automatically fill the notes in between, split half way. But the great thing was, it would also automatically truncate, normalise if needed, and loop the sample. And for looping you’d set a percentage value. So at 50%, it would loop the last half of a sample. From memory 25% was the default, and it always worked! I had a Rhodes piano with one or two second samples I sampled from a really old Future Music magazine CD which sounded amazing. And I used to sample random vocals etc. Whatever you’d throw at it would always loop smoothly.

    So I think figuring out what 20 to 60% of the sample length is would be best, based on how the E-MU samplers did it. And always turning on the zero crossing to avoid off axis loop points that click.

  • When Elektron finishes their beta work on Overbridge 2.0, you are going to be able to use your Digitone as a VST instrument with the MPC. I have the first version of Overbridge with the Analog Four and it works beautifully with the MPC. Can't wait to see you put that to work when Elektron publishes that update.


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