• This track is baller and your channel is the shit. Been using your website downloads and Future Bass packs along with this channel. Really helped to learn the foundations of music production in the genre.

  • Very helpful video! Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ I got one question: I often have a problem with supersaws when iยดm uploading my finished track to SoundCloud cause they get squashed so much. Do you have a advise for this?

  • Timestamps:
    0:00 Playback
    1:03 Drop
    2:59 Introduction
    3:23 Main Supersaw Sound Design in SERUM
    8:09 OTT & Multiband Compression
    9:33 Making Vocals Breathe with Reverb & Compression
    10:18 Simpler vs Audio Tracks for Pitching Vocal Samples
    11:38 Drums: Kick, Snare, Percs
    12:26 Lead Synth Sound Design in SERUM
    12:52 Verse Section – Sad Synth & Bass Sound Design in SERUM
    15:15 Bridge Section – Piano & Strings Instruments
    16:15 Drop 2 – Arrangement, Making it different from the first drop
    18:43 Snare Buildup Effect with Arpeggiator
    19:05 Mix Bus & Sidechain Compression
    20:05 Return Chains – Hall & Room Reverb
    21:25 Mastering – EQ using the Scale function
    21:58 Mastering – Multiband Compression
    22:45 Mastering – Soft Clipping with the Glue Compressor vs Limiting
    24:11 How to sidechain a frozen track


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