• Hey Masada you are a beast! I got back into the AKai MPC game when you beta tested the Akai MPC Live. I've stuck with the Live and eventually got the X when it dropped. I love the possibilities of the Force and what it brings to the table. My one concern is they left out the lithium ion battery for truly standalone like with the Live. Always a pleasure watching your vids and enjoying your humor as well. Loved what you and Courtney put together, much respect. Take care fam!

  • Thanks Bro great review very informative. My Question for Akai is How can you release a new Standalone unit as such and not have a Song Mode, or Arrangement mode, right out the Box THIS BLOWS ME….. I know there will be updates but This should have been part of the Beta release, after all it is Standalone. By not doing So your forces me to use a computer. When My initial purchase was to perhaps to stay away, or not use the computer.



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