• This machine is fantastic and despite being very expensive it only has 2 GBytes of memory which is very little to work with media/large projects. I don´t know if the RAM is expandable but I think it´s not. This is the true defect of this dream machine.

  • MPC minds are tedious. I want to see what a 303 head would say. I grabbed a toraiz for simplicity, but still feign for the sp303.
    But then I chop sounds up on the phone while I'm at work, and layer them with another app. But still need pads. Pads. Pads.
    I need a machine that works thru a brainstorm as fast as I can.
    I'm gonna buy this, but I'll wait till people start using it, and see what it can really do.

  • I got the MPC X but not too keen on the fact that I can't easily swap different pattern for each track for jamming and experimenting its just a pain (doable but slow) and even Machine can swap patterns, I was hoping a software update would solve this. So I got out my push 2 controller in the last few days to see if clips and 64 pads is the way forward, and deciding to sell the x or not

  • Mekie ! PODIAS explicar melhor a diferença q sentiste entre trabalhar com o push2 e o que sentes ou consegues com a MPC? É porque fazes alusão aí à coisa!!! É como se o Ableton não te desse tanta possibilidade de "swingar " o beat??? Explica lá isso aí em duas ou três palavras! Abc..

  • "Life of a beta tester", used it WITH his mpcx. In his opinion, The X is pattern based, the Force is clip based. I ordered it. They hooked me on the stand alone aspect, and since I almost bought the mpc live.., it was damn easy to justify a bit more for this one, I also have the X, and I am geeked.

  • I think this is better than the mpc live at the push2. Hardware wise.

    Software wise, ableton is way ahead of mpc. Imho. But theyre closer.

    One question, can u pad slice on this like simpler in live 10?

  • I have an mpcLive. Do you know if I can plug an ableton push or launchpad into the mpcLive to use the same features? (Step sequencer/launch clips/more pads) maybe with 2.4 update? (:(:
    thank you for your input.

  • I’m really excited for this beast, love that you can directly plug a guitar in the back and the track mixer and layout seems like a more straightforward workflow. 👍

  • They also didn't mention anything about how cool this device will be able to work with ableton live software, also what about recording the performance/arrangement. I think they could describe it better.

  • I wish they made a mini X. I get raucously angry in the fails with the knobs on the Live. I am not a finger drummer, I'm a KNOB TWIDDLER. I can get ALL my fingers all gushy up in the knobs and use all my fingers as an instrument with th knobs.

  • I’m sticking with my X as well it’s not worth it for me to go out and buy this I also got the mpc LIVE so I got everything I need. I take my wife shopping like she can hit all the stores and I can just sit in the court and make beats outside the store

  • As far as the A/B crossfader. You can label each track as either A or B and then crossfade between them. I've always wanted the Push 2 to have an actual crossfader, but not sure its enough. I saw where you are limited to 16 tracks.

  • I am curious how the export is! I saw videos that show you can export and pull it up on Ableton. But if that is the only export option, it's a no go for me. I like the export on the MPC.

  • I’ll stick with my X,gotta fight the gear lust man….I’m a happily married man and my wife is the MPC-X and I am loyal to her. Oh you got it Bad,I can tell by that look in your eyes,man……Gear Lust!!!! 🤣

  • I preordered one yesterday. Zzounds .com $1600. It’s $125 a month. 45 day return policy. Can’t beat that if ya hate it return it.
    Me I’m selling my MPC LIVE to a friend
    I really like the sequencing concept of the FORCE. The ability to have all my samples on all 64 pads. Masada mpc one of the beta testers said it’s Akai but it’s not an MPC so don’t expect to be .
    I was sold. On it.
    I will keep my MPC X. But it looks like less menu diving on the Force and more hands on.

  • It has line and instrument input Im hooked I use the Push 2 more than the MPC but it’s features in the mpc that I really like so this is made for me also I sold my mpc x because I was using Ableton 98%


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