• hey there again, i again have a question if you dont mind. At 8:48 you use the higher notes at the end off the bass, wich sound really clear while you also play the lower note of the bass. For me, (i replicated the exact changes u did im sure off) but for me its sound really distorted as soon as the higher note plays. like it kindoff grumles alot and not a clear "wavey bass". i hope you can help me with it, thanks again for the video that brought me lots of learning!

  • hey there, i am wondering why you added it to the "side track" sometimes? i have no idea what it does so nor why it should be done? can u explain? thanks for the good and simple video, subbed!

  • Love this.I always struggled with not having enough patience to follow through a tutorial…but this has kept my eyes on the screen,easy to understand and now I feel soo pumped to try it myself.Thanks man.

  • This is the best tutorial out of every single one I found on Youtube. You single-handedly taught me how to customize Harmor and 3xOsc, how to Sidechain and mix and EQ all my instruments, and gave an amazing example of the layers needed for a good full Liquid DnB sound all without saying a single word where countless other tutorials were too convoluted and filled with meaningless talking to do so anywhere near as effectively as you. You're a legend and a saint. Keep it up, and God bless.

  • Hey, another amazing tutorial we have there! The rhythm is normal, we can easily follow what you do, you show all the way how you make every single of your sounds so it's even more good to watch, with you I learnt how I could use Harmor better 😉


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