• To be honest, I would like to see Akai do something involving vocal to Wav manipulation into a synth. Open Labs has a software product called Stagelight and has Sampleverse in 4.0. I'd like to see Akai do something like that.

  • The new plugins are great to get your ideas down. I would like to see a CDJ style sampler added. NI could make a standalone using the Kontakt software code and they would blew Akai out the game because the Kontakt eco-system is so huge that would be a game changer.

  • That is true on what you said about using different daws I discovered that using Ableton live lite 10 which is what I have is much faster than FL studio (which I don't have anymore cause it wasn't a legal copy ) openlabs stagelight is a different vibe but they're currently getting a break from me cause they don't have certain features I've grown accustomed to like portamento which should be a standard feature ,I have also reaper but I don't like it cause it's way too much programing involved to do simple task .

  • Like yourself I work a job outside of music so it's awesome to be able to produce outside of the studio with mpclive without the hassle of lugging a bunch of gear around and also jam without being inside all day. Awesome video!


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