• Have been trying to figure out for over a year and a half on how to actually use sidechaining and have seen many videos on the subject but I never understood. I've actually adjusted the volume of individual notes on individual tracks to get a sort of side chaining effect. Very time consuming but thorough. You do what you have to, in music.
    Although I use Cubase I thoroughly understood what you were doing. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You're very good with your instructional explanation. I just need to find out how to assign my bass (or any other instrument) to a buss then applying the sidechain. Thanks again.

  • I dunno. So technical it diminishes any actual music being played. What's being worked with could have come from a computer and is certainly as sterile. In other words, all this technobabble comes off like a class in dissecting frogs. The importance, the living entity, has vacated the premises and what is left is this technical carcass.

  • nice tut but gosh, that bass track sounded like crap with that compression. It just sounds unnatural even with the entire mix going. I understand you're trying to get the best of both worlds. Louder kick with bass coming in just after but the whole point of bass/kick in most songs is that they BECOME one sound. You hear the click and deep oomph ALONG with the bass note. but nice tut! very clear and easy to understand. You could roll your own de-esser that way too. or just use multiband.

  • But why don't you mute the copy of the kick drum? Cause you end up with 2 kicks. I think it would be worth mentioning that you can also automate the bypass on the sidechainned signal so that it doesn't do it on undesired beats.

  • Hey is there a way to have this only affected by the kick and not the snare? I noticed in the clip that the snare was taking from the bass as well. Is this what the HF and LF knobs are for?


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