• Mike (and others), I have a newbie question. I have musical arrangements from an old Yamaka Keyboard workstation (sequencer) that I'd like to use in FL Studio. It has a USB port, but it won't transfer the sequenced music I've recorded. Right now, I just use cables from Keyboard OUT to the Scarlett 2i2 IN and record wav files in Edison – it works but it's not really efficient. Not only is it terrible quality (hiss), but it makes for huge files. Is there a way to record AUTOMATION from a keyboard workstation synthesizer into FL Studio? OR, what can I do to lower the file size without losing quality? (By the way, I also have Audacity – I've used this to record Youtube stuff and these files have been pretty workable). Perhaps this is a settings issue?

  • When I swap my audio device to my mic, it blocks all other sound in fl studio and just keeps the mic noise. I use Fl 20 producer and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix that. Thanks!

  • Hello All, Well I've looked a lot on youtube how to do this effect, in the video it's done in "ProTools, but I want to learn how to do it in FL Studio, in the audio recording part, look for this video for you, maybe you can help, look from (2:10) two minutes and ten seconds of the video where the man recording the video says, "let's simulate in Pro Tools where the beginning of the recording was good, but the end needs to be rewritten," it calls the Pre Roll effect, in Pro Tools it marks an option in OPTION / PRE-PREST HOLL, AI ONLY RECORD THE PART THAT IT MARKS TO RECORD, EVEN IF YOU TALK ABOUT WHEN YOU ARE TAKING THE PREVIOUS RECORDING, HOW DO I DO THIS IN FL STUDIO20? THANK YOU, VIDEO LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcGF5lAyYXA

  • Ola Tudo Bem, já procurei muito no youtube como fazer esse efeito, no video ele é feito no "ProTools, porem eu quero aprender a fazer no FL Studio, na parte de gravação de áudio, olha por gentileza esse vídeo pra voce talvez poder me ajudar, olha a partir de (2:10)dois minutos e dez segundos do vídeo onde o homem que grava o vídeo fala que, "vamos simular no Pro Tools onde o inicio da gravação ficou bom, mas o final precisa ser regravado," ele chama o efeito de Pre Roll, no Pro Tools ele marca uma opção em OPTION/PRE-PREST HOLL, AI GRAVA SOMENTE A PARTE QUE ELE MARCAR PRA GRAVAR, MESMO QUE VC FALE ENQUANTO ESTA TOCANDO A GRAVAÇÃO ANTERIOR, COMO FAÇO ISSO NO FL STUDIO20 ? OBRIGADO, LINK DO VÍDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcGF5lAyYXA

  • does anyone record with a usb mic on fl studio? is it recommended? I've been trying to use it but I keep running into issues. Do I have to just spring out for a interface? I'm using a blue yeti mic

  • I try to record notes like in this video, I mean like loop recording and send couple recording it in another selected subline, but I can't.. is that posible at all?
    (as note recording option)?


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