• I I am editing a pop song, and numerous times in my song I have a crash hit with the beat coming in right after. There are timing issues in the kick, snare and highhat tracks immediately following this crash hit. How do I fix these timings in the kick, snare and highhat without altering the sound of that residual crash hit? When I do beat detective on all the tracks, that residual crash hit has a ton of little cross fades in it and sounds strange. How do you get around this??

  • @soundmachinevids Because you're awesome. I can edit an entire drum track by hand in PT in less time than it took to play the first half of this. Am I awesome too, please? It's a tutorial. It is going to take longer to get through because he's trying to explain what to do, how to do it and what the each option does. I'm sure if you made a "How to correct a Full Drum Kit in Reaper" it would be a 1 min. video but Stephen did his with the user in mind that is probably following along in PT.

  • I have a question maybe someone can help 😀
    If you want to mix live drums with programmed midi, do you think it's best to record the drums first then add the midi or the other way around- i.e play along to the programmed midi? Thanks…

  • Thanx for the great tutorial!! i just have one question,if you use beat detective on the drums wont the other instruments get out of beat,if you have recorded an entire band?

  • I was just wondering, if you have the time I'd really appreciate the help…

    When I'm editing my drums after I've made everything conform to the grid.. i get the pinwheel for like 30 sec after every little region stretch i make. I got my hw buffer size pretty high and i have a lot of room on my drive. When i'm just editing the kick/snare track its not nearly as long as when I'm editing all the drums. Any ideas?

  • after I quantize every thing to the Kick Snare track it all sounds perfectly in time but it kind of jacks with the overall sound of the kit and it makes my overheads really choppy (even with the crossfades)…solutions?

  • First thanks for your video explanation. It's great.
    Second… i have a question about the hi hat edit in this process.
    my session have many hi hats tricks… many triplets and swing hits. not all of those hats are tight do the grid. so, if i execute your tutorial, will them get tight and fit to the grid? do i need to separate edit them?
    note: i have OH and AMB track which contains hat bleeding.

    thanks in advance!

  • Hi, im pretty sure it's only the fatigue, but I watched the videos and I still have no clue what you achieved there.

    It seems to me you sliced all the tracks for only correcting one bad kick. What am I missing?

  • Are there any tricks to slicing up OH and Room mic audio? I've never found a good balance there. If I apply all the cuts Beat Detective creates to the OH/Room mic audio it makes the cymbals sound very unnatural. On the other hand, when I move the close mics and only make slight adjustments to the OH/Room, then they're out of phase.

    Thanks again for the tips!

  • Thanks for the tutorial!

    I'm curious how you treated any overhead or room mics. It looks like there's a stereo track that you didn't alter (purple just above the kick/snare). Won't weird timing or phase issues be created when you move the individual mics and not the overhead/room tracks?

  • Great tutorial. I've been meaning to sit down with beat detective but just never really made the time. This was exactly what I needed. Very precise and to the point. The world needs more straight shooters! Thanks a ton!


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