• I have a Scarlett solo interface. I wanted to create a separate headphone mix when I’m tracking my guitar so I didn’t have to keep turning off my monitors (to avoid obvious bleed into the mic) and turn them back on to hear my mix through my monitors. So I tried routing a track as a headphone mix and another as a stereo mix and another as a headphone mix but all it did was turn down my monitors a bit and turn up my headphones while simultaneously playing from both. Is this because I need a dedicated output to a headphone amp instead of using a built in headphone jack into my interface?

  • Something everyone needs to know about setting up sends for Cue Mixes, Ctrl +Alt + H will let you copy all settings (volume, pan, etc.) from the selected channels to the sends.

  • Hi Graham, love your videos man, i have a question, i have protools 9 LE, i have done exactly the steps you say, and it hapens that, im making a headphone mix for a singer, but when i click record, the other instruments are ok, but the voice im recording does not go to the mix, the bus send gets hi lighted. can you help me with this?? thanks a lot

  • Hey Graham, awesome video as usual. Just wanted to share a trick that I've found pretty useful that I haven't really seen on youtube, and that is monitoring your artist's cue mix. What I do is create a stereo aux track that I call "Cue Monitor". Route the input to an open bus and keep the output on the main monitor outs. Then I control, option, click on the cue send and split the signal to that open bus. Now you can solo up Cue Monitor aux and listen to exactly what the artist hears!

  • Hello Graham !!! i watched your video , but there is one problem i have not fixed.
    Please help me if you know how . i already knew how to do the headphone mix , but i cant get stereo sound in my headphones , i always create an aux send routed to interface 3,4 stereo , but i always get mono signal in my headphones , only the left side sound , the headphones work perfect everywhere except when i do this. I have the digi 003 control surface with protools 8.0.5.
    thanks a lot…


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