Why is eleven rack using my computers CPU to run it's EVERYTHING when plugged in to my usb ???? Is there any way to make it run by it's own accord by itself and using eleven rack as interface via USB to pro tool?. Or should I just mic everything into ProTools using a different interface and use pro tools to clean up all eleven racks noise when finished recording. PS  I know what the advertisements imply and don't need to hear what it does or supposed to do or how great it is or isn't. I know what it does.

  • I have never spend one red cent on any AVID product and will not for the remainder of my life on planet earth.  PT is ugly, and behind in 99% of the features they offer.  Switch to Steinberg, or Sonor, or ANYTHING!  Don't worry, you're friends will still think you're cool, and I guarantee you will continue to make great music, if not better!  DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!!  They weren't even the first to make a DAW, despite what some say! 

  • Look at the gear this guy is using, it is over the top price for the project studio user. Studio one or Cubase is a more cost effective route. Avid products good, price ridiculous.

  • Been using cubase. I see that cubase actually has far superior features. Eg offline bouncing has history so you can actually remove a plugin effect from the bounced was file etc etc

  • I love protools. It will always be my go-to DAW, but I will "ALWAYS" stay away from their hardware which occasionally becomes obsolete. It really hurts to spend a fortune on their hardware and be stuck with stuff you can't use with their updated software. I pity individuals in such situations! 

  • hei guys, if i get a non retina MBP, i7 up to 3.6ghz, 16 ram and HD 7200 rpm, will I be able to run smoothly all those huge native instrument  vsts? 
    do you think those specs are pretty good for that price range (about 1300dollars)?

  • hi thank you for this. I buy all my stuff from sweetwater. i have pro tools 11 & use 2 Korg kronos & m3. i use the editors for the keyboards to change sounds parameters for my keyboards on screen. i was wondering. can by external sound source korg keyboards i use in a instrument track. but can my korg keyboards become a plugin instrument like the maschine i just bought or komplete 9. i dont see any korg plugins in my instrument pull down menu. when i installed the editors for the korgs on my pc i did notice it had an axx portion of the editor which i did install. can you tell me if my hardware synths can become a plugin & how do i do it?
    also when i hold shift Q it bypasses the plugins or send of the track thats highlighted at the bottom. can you tell me how i can highlight all the bottoms of each track where i type vocals synth piano so i can bypass all the sends at one shift & all the plugins for all the tracks at one shift. Thank you for any help an time

  • Pro Tools is like Apple. There is no question that they both make really good performing and capable products but when they bring some 'new features' in their products they make such a big fuss as if it never existed before and they invented it. I lol'ed at faster than real time bounce.

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  • Pro Tools has always been a great DAW, but I have to wonder, wouldn't the mini  meters be a waste of system resources? Even with today's ultra-powerful hardware, I have seen systems brought to an absolute crawl with extra large projects. Just a thought.

  • Man I love protools but why every time they always have certain features  for HD only? I mean they lose a lot of customers that way and they just don`t get it people are smart knowing you guys have both hands in their pockets. I can see with the hardware part but a DAW should be a DAW the only feature that should be limit is things that would integrate with the hardware. Total nonsense no wonder so many guys are switching to other DAW brilliant guys behind the development but so studpid marketing and keeping users.

  • Offline "bounce" is nice, but I don't understand why Avid (or Digidesign) has delayed so much time to insert it in Pro Tools, because other software like Sonar or Cubase have it since long time. Normally called as "Export as", and you could choose what tracks or buses you want "to bounce". But, now we can use that in Pro Tools… 

  • Official Treeyo legacy, the MBox Pro has 54 dB (74 dB with Pad) of gain on the Mic Pre and for most applications that is more than enough. Make sure you are set to Mic Level (as opposed to line or DI) to get all the gain and that you don't have the Pad engaged on the MBox or on your microphone if applicable. The type of microphone and the level of the audio source are also variables. You can buy outboard preamps if you want additional gain or a different color but typically this isn't necessary just for gain purposes (unless you are using a real low output ribbon mic or something that). Compressors are typically used to reduce the dynamic range of the signal (the difference between the loudest and softest parts of the signal) and smooth it out, often compressors have a gain stage as well but that is typically used to make up gain that may be lost while compressing the signal. Good luck.

  • Hey Ferdinand, sorry I missed your question earlier but as classckmusic23 replied you can absolutely make beats and compose in Pro Tools. To use external MIDI gear you just need some type of MIDI interface to get get MIDI in and out of your computer. Many audio interfaces also include a MIDI I/O and there also a variety of USB MIDI keyboards that also have MIDI I/O including your Akai MAX 49 and MPC.

    Yes you can use Waves plug-ins with Pro Tools, currently there are over 700 PT11 compatible plugins so you should be able to find anything you need with lots of choices.

    As for ease of use, I think it shouldn't take too long to pick it up and there are all sorts of resources to help from books to DVD to online videos (both free and some nice subscription services). Things like Secrets of the Pros, Multi-Platinum Pro Tools, Groove 3 and others are quite good and feature people with lots of experience teaching you the trade. 

  • LOL, running PT HDX on my 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display that's about a year old at this point. It is connected to a projector and giant screen at Sweetwater Performance Theater which makes for an interesting backdrop to the video. Would like to have a giant screen like that in my studio 😉


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