• Hi Jordan, great tutorial. Just one thing though. For some reason though, when I select all the tracks to go to mixes, even with all the tracks highlighted I can't get them all to go to mixbus like you do in one action. I have to individually change them all. Am I doing something wrong? Can you tell me what keys strokes you are using. Cheers mate.

  • Pro Tools (bounce to disk) gives me the track bounces to mp3 .wav that plays silent on any media. So I get a 18 Mb track of silence mp3, or 108 mb .wav that is silent in itunes – media player- real time, vlc, usb thumb drvs, on different computers and iphone =The file takes up Kb to mb in space according to info of the file index of the mp3 or wav file bounced by PTools. MEDIA PLAYS NO AUDIO FROM PT BOUNCE TO DISK FILES .wav or mp3. The files are not bounced as .ptx files either but nothing reads Pt bounced mp3 .wav. files. Will exporting the PRINTED FILE read in other media? unlike PT's bounced 50/100 mb .wav mp3 silent bounce glitches.

  • This is incomplete because this only applies to print tracks for sharing not for finalizing and distribution. You didn't mention anything about the dithering levels. PT will actually downgrade the quality of the audio as you show.

  • I get what he did, but I'd just rather make sure everything is properly mixed the way it should be, and then just bounce it… Seems like if everything is how you want it in the mix, bouncing would just be easier… IJS THOUGH… Sometimes all that other stuff is just more technicalities for nothing…

  • Since the output on the Master Fader was set to mixbus, wouldn't that send the signal from the tracks through the mix bus fader without having to change ALL the track outputs to mixbus?

  • you need to be aware of some latency when using this method. I've just printed a midi track and if I play bothw wave and midi track together i can hear the latency, you can also visually see it when comparing the midi entries, with the transients of the wave file. But that's a minor issue, you can easily correct for it; its just so you know 😉 cheerz


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