• True All you say was true i have a channel and have about 21,950 subscribe i use my friend license and i upload 2 video and i got 3 strike and now my account is terminated forever Rip My YouTube Channel

  • I have surround sound and dude there's random noises on the front left noise coming from your mic and it's terrifying lol I keep thinking someone it outside my window tapping on it.

  • I wish i could get "budget product" , and with restrictions which didnt allow you to make money from it , unless you would buy full product (possible extensions).

  • Lol people at school ask me how I make music because they think it's easy because I do it. Then they see the price tag on FL alone and just stop asking because they realize the money and effort it takes to make the music.

  • Image Line is a very generous company, especially for newbies. Almost every relevant beatmaker in the past 15 years uses FL Studio, at some point. Imagine if they resorted to making us use iLoks and other annoying (and costly) anti-piracy programs? That would kick more than half of you cheap ass "producers" out of the game.

    FACT: Other big-named companies like Native Instruments and Propellerhead do not offer free updates. Those companies force you to pay hundreds of dollars for simple upgrades. Image Line gives away demos that don't expire. Literally, my demo version of FL Studio 3 still works. Who else does that? NOBODY.

    Image Line doesn't even force us to use their plug-ins. So, at least you can do is buy the Producer Edition. It's only $149. Once you buy it, it's yours FOR LIFE! You never have to pay for it again. They've been too good to us. We owe them the minimum, at least.

  • This goes as the same track as me. I was so heavily upset of someone makes a current trend video game song like TryHardNinja, CG5, etc. and yes, I was a such a fucking fool. I just learned a moral lesson: I shouldn't never crack FL since IL has released FL 20 recently or just few months ago and they worked for it because we dream of such music maker like this. Also, I'm using LMMS and it's even free and using free VSTs too. I feel you dude.

    I was so sorry to Image Line because Avicii died this 4/20. Avicii was using FL for a long time. Really. I should never came the pirate side again. When I got some saved money and got a huge discount, I'll buy it right away legally at IL website. I hope this incident will never happen in my face.

  • Thank you. I was looking up a way to find this for free…and came across this video. Because of this, the points you made, I'm going to purchase it. Not because I don't want to get sued, but because your message is powerful. So seriously, thanks. You just gained a new sub. 🙏

  • Copying and sharing is an integral part for a product to reach critical mass. If people didn't copy and share people wouldn't know what Fruity Loops even was. Same goes with any artist, you would be a nobody if people didn't copy and share. Business men need to stop being greedy.

  • I did the same with Propellerheads Reason. I was using a cracked MAC version since version 3, and then decided at version 5 to bow down, bite the bullet and buy into it. Man Im so glad I did that because now i have support whenever i need it, free stuff the periodically dish out to had to your workstation, and much more. Now Im at version 10 and its great. Right on brother. Good preaching. Hey, lets jam man.


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