• ok so if i understand right. when you press rec on mpc you are also pressing rec on keyboard? so the keyboard sound is rec on keyboard right and not on mpc? so is it possible to run the audio from keyboard direct into mpc and audio out from mpc will play mpc and the keyboard? so you can sync and rec keyboard live on mpc? so the keys becomes a sample (seq) and can be saved and loaded up next time? cus thats what i want. i want my mpc 1k to be the main hardware and syntheseizer to be a addon that runs trought mpc (like a mixer) but can rec the keys live on mpc as im play the drums ect. i hope you understand and can give me a awnser

  • you must turn the program to midi mode when playing keys such as Midi Prg: no.1 A2 then for drums just select the drum program you have.. on mpc hit the midi pad then you should see some option about triggering drum pads when external controler is connected. other way to avoid hitting drums and keys at the same time is by turning the pc mode on your keyboard it will play only the keys when you had selected the midi channel then it will only play drums when you had select the drum programs

  • Very helpful video man, I was curious, How do you keep the tracks from overlapping? When I put drums on one track as A1 and put strings on A2 on a separate track it plays both the strings and the drums when I press the keys.

  • Question if i was to do something like this could I have a music program like fl studios or something running into my keyboard then have the keyboard running into the mpc and record the sounds that im pulling from fl studio's to the keyboard run to the mpc…..For example laying down a baseline?????? any info would be appreciated very much

  • MPC1000 MIDI Out –> to Project Mix I/O MIDI In,
    Project Mix I/O MIDI Out –> to MAC or PC MIDI In
    The MPC1000 should transmit MIDI data/messages to your Project Mix I/O console, which will retransmit them through its MIDI out port into your MAC computer where Pro Tools should intercept them, depending on if you properly configured your MPC1000 in Pro Tools.
    All MIDI hardware devices transmitting MIDI, should appear either by name, or as generic MIDI controllers, in Pro Tools or other DAW warez.

  • Thanks Bro this Helps a lot do you happen to know How an interface can fit in to all of this like if it's possible to be able to connect a keyboard with my MPC1000 and be able to use ALL My keyboard and MPC INTERNAL sounds on any type of software WITH the Software sounds itself I know how to use them as a MIDI controller to play software sounds but just saying if u know how this can all be possible if u understand me? I have researched about this but I want to verify on all of this…

  • I wanna do what you just did Sir… but I have the Fantom=X6 where I make my beats but thgen I wanna record Exa: Bass on track 1, piano on trk.2, synthlead on trk. 3, hi hats on trk4, kik drum on trk5 etc etc onto my 24trk Tascam-Neo2488. Also which is the slave and which would be the master Sir? or do I have to go out of keyboard to in of T2488 or vice versa??? I love the possibilities of MIDi but wooof…its kinda complicated! Please assist me that I may learn Sir!!! Thank you !!! 8/13/11

  • Can you do set the mpc to call up the right patch from the keyboard ?
    Is that 'program change' I'm new to midi.
    Can I set a program change in the mpcs sequencer in other words ?


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