• FYI all: that MPC display…he edited the video and placed a small box there so you can clearly see the MPC screen. it does look like a modded screen…but it isnt. Thanks.

  • Bruh. Ive made 7 CDs on the MPC 2kxl. Always saved the drumsets as APS. Now I wan to sample a sound from a synth…….set it up for all pads for triggering from my controller, Every Drum holder I switch to has the same APS on it. How do I delete the sounds out of Drum 2,3 and four so I can set up the synth without deleting the other sounds!! And why havent anyone…..including my Old A** did a video about it!! I was about to buy a dedicated sampler cheapy…….S1000 just for that duty. And if you cant help me…..I am. dangit. http://www.rajur.net and Google. RaJuR real deep kool. All of my music using the MPC is on soundcloud. That real flow. But dont know how to use his MPC….LOL

  • Hey man, great tutorial. I have a question though, I have a cf reader installed on my mpc2000xl and sometimes when I try and save larger samples under (save all programs and sounds) I get a "disk write error" message whihc freezes the mpc. I find that saving them as .WAV files tends to keep it from happening, but do you have any experience with this type of problem? Do you recommend saving sounds individually? Do you recommend saving larger files differently? Etc?

  • I have a question. So Ill record and edit a sample, then go to slice sound, create a new program, etc. After that i will record a pattern with that sample on the pads, then ill load some drum sounds to layover it, but once i load my drum sounds and assign them to a different drum holder, the pattern i recorded with my chopped sample with randomly play a drum hit where my sample chop was. what am i doing wrong? so frustrating. happens to me all the time, my sounds will switch drum holders and programs and then all my tracks and sequences will get disorganized


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