• yo.. thanks for the vid… I got everything working but my pads and keys keep everything in the 12 level function… I want to be able to play all of my drums in the pads… please help

  • So i followed the steps in your video, but when you open up FL studio and start pressing keys on your mpk it made piano sounds, on mine it does not. FL studio recognizes it, the sliders and knobs work fine, and it shows the keys and pads being struck, but no sound. Any ideas? Great video by the way

  • @ItztheMedicine when I plug in my MPK49 and go to MIDI setting in FL, its doesnt recognize it as an MPK, just a "Generic controller". I didnt see and software or drivers that i have to download online. What am I doing wrong?

  • dude this video helped me out alot. I have the MPK88 and i have never used it to its full potential until this video. One question do you know how to set up the drum pads to work in FL? you got my sub! Thanks for this video man. Im fairly new to producing.

  • Hey man! Thanks for the video everything worked fine about from that only 1 key (my F key just below middle C) works. I bought this 2nd hand from a friend and it worked a treat for him. Any thoughts?
    Thanks again x

  • thanks for taking the time to help us with confusing ass process. those beats knock that you produced , showing cali love . can you do a tutorial on how to use the midi all the way around but in debt, thanks. great volume too.

  • Hello dude!!! Maybe u can help me, im kinda stuck with the S1 to S8 buttons….
    specifically with the option control change (Not program change).. I have no idea what their function…. for example: I map alll the Knobs and faders in massive, lets say in channel 1….
    and when I try to map the knobs and faders to another vst in channel 2… The first map on the channel 1 it is cleared for the channel 2!!!!! =(
    I see  you have a lot of experience with this…. So maybe u can help me!!!!


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