• well, stop using some Loop/Midi Loops so this shit won't happen, what do you guys expect?? This shit happend allready to Producers like 5 years ago. Like French montana and haywire with his kits….Nice clickbait tho…and btw it might be the same Sound or same effect used on making it wobble but its not the same instrumental , not even the same Loop…

  • Hey I know these comments are annoying but I just wanna say that I know a lot of underground/upcoming rappers are reading this and I just wanna say that I make free beats and I’ll be happy to work with anybody. Just hit up my instagram @Jacob.0_ or email me (its’s in my bio) I hope to work with yall ok thats all I have to say, peace🙏🏽🔥

  • People are stealing other people's idea's all the time. I only respect artist that come up with their own instrumentals. No samples, just your own work with your own samples and your own drums and instrument sounds created by your own hands.

  • Tbh all trap songs sounds the same or similar. Also there can only be so many chord progressions and melody patterns until someone else's sounds like yours. There are so many things of mine that sounds other's and other's that sounds like mine.


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