• Ableton now seems simple to use at last (special thanks for starting with 10th version). Can't imagine how long I struggled with other tutorials proposing to use midi controllers, hardware, ton of 3p plugins and sample packs. Julian, thanks a lot for sharing this tutorial, truly appreciate it.

  • As a total noob, I found this really useful. It was pretty easy to follow along with and I didn't hit too many hiccups. I wasn't sure what some of the changes were doing exactly but I was able to follow them. Minor feedback for improvement would be to just give a few more quick explanations of what the changes are actually altering. You did this with some and it was great. Love Ep. 1, and will be back for the others! Thanks.

  • this was an awesome video – i had a lot of fun following along and mucking about on my novation launchkey at the same time – thanks for the cool tutorial 🙂

  • its bassically ableton 9.7 suite with a wavetable synth and and boosting the lazy gene :/ no need to upgrade i guess if you have all the plugins you need

  • I have all time see Ableton now i can more understund New update have many plugs into , i have many Guys told Ableton is one of the best Free plugs program
    we have so many FX , parameters , EQ and many more no program have this all into one program !

  • Live 10 has a nice little time saver with the "Assign Track Color to Clips" menu option (right click on any track or group), for those that like to keep things organized like Julian does

  • Dude, this is amazing! I'm not an ableton user (although I probably would if I could afford it), but I'm really excited to learn how to make Techno! It's one of those genres that not a lot of people seem to be a fan of (compared to house, trap, etc.) but I think it's really cool, and I can't wait to learn! These tutorials are great! Now to go watch that comression video!

  • Hey Julian, first of all thanks for doing these videos, i really appreciate them, i'm learning a lot with you, just wanna say thank you.
    From what i've seen in these video i have learned what syncopation refers to, i think it's really crucial when making music no matter the genre you are producing right? But my main question is why did you sidechain anything above the mid-high range, letting the sub frequencies of the sub untouched, i mean isn't more important to sidechain the lows so you don't have phase issues with the lows of the kick? Cheers from Switzerland ;-).


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