• I don't masturbate. And where in any of my comment was there anything to do with a sexual desire. Not all girl voices are easy to listen to. The fact that it's a girls voice doesn't change anything. It's that it has a manageable accent, enunciated well, and soothing. It also helps that she sounds concise and practiced in her vocal delivery. If you found sexual desire in that comment, your mind is not where it should be, and maybe you should stop masturbating. Just my thoughts.

  • Another way is to just select the notes you want to quantize within the clip (you can shift-click on all of them or just draw a box around them to select them) – then right click and select quantize from that menu that pops up.

    Does this help?

    ps.If you are using a mac you should ctl-click instead of right click

  • Ok. Correcting the time of the notes you play is called 'quantizing' or 'quantization'.

    To quantize the notes that you are playing as you are recording:
    -go to the Edit menu (in between 'file' and 'create' along the top bar of the page)
    -select 'Record Quantization'
    -select what level of quantization you want there (1/4 note, 1/2 or 1/8 etc).

  • @LionMountainAu , first i am sorry my english is not so good. what i mean, when i record some melody using computer keyboard, the piano beat won't match. eg( if i want every 1/4 bar one note, Using mouse it's ok But keyboard no). In your video 4:51, and 6:12, 6:12 your beat is not matching so you use mouse. i want piano note exactly where i want them using computer keyboard (1/4 or 1/2 or 1/8). is that possiable?

  • Hi Mr. Kumlarlama,

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you talking about setting a click or metronome beat to play along to? Or do you want to know how to edit the notes after you've played them in?

    Please clarify, and we can try to answer your question.


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