The Last Drum Rack You’ll Ever Have to Make – Ableton Live Tutorial


The Last Drum Rack You'll Ever Have to Make - Ableton Live Tutorial

Hey everyone! Thanks for watching another tutorial on the Ableton Live series. Today’s topic: The Last Drum Rack You’ll Ever Have to Make – Ableton Live Tutorial

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  1. For some reason when I distribute ranges equally in my sample zone, it assigns 3 keys for each sample. I then have to go back and manually adjust a note per sample. Anyone know how to fix this to just assign one note per sample as default?

  2. Ever since I watched this tutorial, I have used it to audition drum hits and even bass / synth sounds. It works great.

    But now that Ableton has upgraded its Sampler, I think this tutorial could use an update. None of the same previous Zone functions are located in the same spots (though I may be wrong, I have looked). How does the Sampler upgrade change this technique? Could the classic use of 128s be improved with using the upgraded Sampler?

  3. I always think about…there should be a mega midi drum pattern for the diferent genres and rythms for Ableton anywhere..but I never find something similar.. anyone know?
    I think It is better to do It always by myself but could be a way to discover drum patterns that I don't usually use.

  4. For those who doesn't have Sampler, there is an option to drop instrument rack onto a pad. Then open chain list tab and dump the samples into there. Proceed with the same procedure regarding chain selector, map to a macro knob of the instrument rack, which, itself, mapped to a macro knob of the drum rack. Then add as many instrument racks as you need.

  5. Does someone know the shortkey for sample preview? He uses a midi controller but i only use laptop keyboard and dont know how to preview sounds with it. Can i bind for example: "q w e r t y u i o p" to :''a1 b1 c1 d1 e1 f1 g1"

  6. I have a couple questions.. 1: what do you do if you want to use for example 2 diferent snare layers and they are in the same sampler.. 2: if there are only 8 macro knobs for searching a sample how do I do it f i have.. mm 12 samplers banks?? hope u can answer me. cheers!


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