Akai MPD232 in FL Studio tutorial(transport, note repeat, etc.)


Hey guys! Thanks for joining us this fine day for another action packed Pro Tools tutorial here at Central Beats. Today we will be diving into: Akai MPD232 in FL Studio tutorial(transport, note repeat, etc.)
Akai MPD232 in FL Studio tutorial(transport, note repeat, etc.)

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A BIG shoutout to the original author of this great tutorial! Thank you!


  1. my man! I sure appreciate this video! thanks for taking the time to make it. I really wanted to know how well note repeat was implemented in the 232. You showed that, so thanks again!

  2. do u know by chance why my mpd 232 might be on a different note than fl studio when in piano roll? for example , i change the pad on the mpd to c4 and when i look in fl studio , the note is playing on c5. so than i assign pad note to c5 and on fl studio it plays note c6. please lmk if you have experienced this and know how to fix it. thank you awesome vids keep up the dope work!

  3. Hey Ave,do you know if the MPD232 will work the MMC with Sonar Platinum? I can work the MMC Master Transport with my Roland Cakewalk A-500 Pro but want to make sure that this will work before I drop $300 on it.Thanks man.

  4. doed anyone know what is the best controller to get for FL Studio12?
    And does that step sequencer on the mpd work well inside of FL?
    My hands hurt from all the years of mouse clicks and window popups in FL, Shortcuts are not good enough anymore.
    If I cant find a good controller for it then Im going to have to switch to Ableton for that Push 2

  5. Back in the day I used to rock FruityLoops / MPD24, then FL Studio / MPD32. Then I moved to Maschine. Btw you are incorrect. All models of Maschine, MK1, Mk2, Studio have a dedicated Note Repeat function since day one. You make good videos but don't mislead people.

  6. Hey, quick question. I set my MPD to external and trying to use the note repeat. I get no sound when my note repeat is on. How do I get it to work on external? (p.s. I do have the play button going. Help please!!!)

  7. Hey Ave!
    Great video and nice tutorial! I am considering getting this particular MPD but I'm not entirely sure because I make Electronic music and I'm trying to do live performances with this MPD. I wanna be able to control my sampled mixes through a VST in FL Studio called FPC while using this MPD as a controller. Will this be possible? Or is there a way you can load up samples in the MPD and mix from there? I wanna know what I can do with this MPD from a consumer before I actually buy it.

  8. FL and or my PC definitely needed a restart after the first trial. The Step Sequencer Chase wasn't working at first. Thx for your fast reply and help. Your video really saved me some time! Peace!

  9. I Did everything you showed me watched multiple times AND IT(note repeat function) WORKED!!. Turned it off then back on…. No Dice! did everything over again.. No Dice!. Reset Global Setting then did everything again… Still does not work…. Sick right now..

  10. much appreciated bro. seeing the compatibility with FL assured me I'll be getting what I'm looking for in a controller.
    picking it up later today from a local music store.
    thumbs up !

  11. Hey can convert progressions like you can in the Mpc studio? Like you can play cords by just hitting one pad if you don't know what I mean. But you can create your own cord progressions and lay em out on the 16 pads. To me it's a game breaker especially when you don't know how to play piano. You can just drag midi from packs you get and rearrange the progression how you want to make it your own it genus on Akai's part.

  12. what is the purpose of this hardware? like what it's features? is it better than the akai mini mpk2?.. anyways like what ur doing always something new. what is the process of submitting a beat for ur podcast review. Thanks in advanced.


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