What’s new in Pro Tools 12.4


Hello! Thanks for joining us today for another informational Pro Tools tutorial here at Central Beats. Today we will be getting into: What’s new in Pro Tools 12.4
What's new in Pro Tools 12.4

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A BIG shoutout to the original author of this great tutorial! Thank you!


  1. I have a problem on my Mac and I have to reinstall all my program. So I have to reinstall protools also, but when I use my pro tools I cannot use my plugin as before. I used to use waves but now I cannot use it even I reinstall it already. So can you help me for this point?

  2. I have pro tools 12. And I am trying to record vocals using my USB microphone. However when I plug it in, I can't hear myself in my headphones. HOW DO I SET UP MY USB MIC TO RECORD, & BE ABLE TO HEAR MYSELF IN MY HEADPHONES WHILE I AM RECORDING? thanks.

  3. This should have been what PT 9 was Hyped to be. I one shouldn't have to be forced to upgrade because Avid will NOT write a Drivers for PT9 10 & 11 to work on Snow Leopard / Lion…$200 + 50 for OTHER iLOK!?!?!?!?! Whats Wrong with you AVID?

  4. All those cubase user's talking shit, I wonder why are you even here? Are you eager to see the new update? Or your just here to hate because pro tools whoops every software's ass? ahaha lol stupid people

  5. Shit they went all out with the aux freeze option, specially when you bus your entire mix to an aux its like immediate print, i freeze my stereo bus and export that and thats my mix in seconds specially when you need to make minor changes to the mix when a client tells you, we don't have to reprint the mix again. Nice!!!

  6. I get that you guys are trying to bring new features but please make sure that you're thinking about stability first. I don't care about redundant features if it crashes on me. 😀 Though track freeze is an awesome feature and I like it.

  7. FIX THE WHITE NOISE EXPLOSIONS / REVERB BLASTS FIRST …. then I might stay on PT … never mind upgrading ….. please quit T**I-G about and GET IT FIXED , it's been years now with many other users complaining of the same problem. pt12.3 was supposed to have had it fixed but No it's still there …. I give up …

  8. Kudos to Avid – they are showing the value of a subscription model – release small features regularly, rather than a 'big-bang' release rarely. This way you get to see value in your subscription.
    Even better is the quick demonstration of the new feature in easy-to-digest chunks!

  9. When you freeze an AUX track, does it also automatically freeze any audio tracks which may be routed into it? Otherwise, changing those source tracks would affect the AUX, no? I'm loving all of the progress made on Pro Tools 12 – great work!


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