• I ordered one of these and I really hope that it's not a dud. I like the concept but my thoughts on Akai is that these days that they'll hit you with a gimmick that's not fully ready for the market. I've read the specs and checked out the testimonies and it seems like it's glitchy and weak on effects and instruments, I bet they skimped on the processors, the CPU and the graphics processing; which is unfortunate b/c the loyalty to the MPC is huge, Akai has super loyal users more so than any other hardware production machine. People would've gladly paid $2,000 for the MPC Live, they didn't have to make the MPC X. They could've taken this product and made it the most amazing thing on the market with good converters, rock solid CPU and graphics, great software (probably should've let the Cockos Reaper guys create the software) etc and the people would've flocked to it b/c the people are loyal to the product.

  • Hey excellent walkthrough. Quick question: Is there a way to choke a longer one shot sample when using "next bar" in next sequence mode? I'd like the option to jump around sequences with that function but when I do so the sample from the previous sequence continues to play. Mute groups only seem to effect pads choking within the same sequence. Any ideas? Many thanks

  • I have a Push 2, a Maschine Mk2 and a Maschine Jam. I like the look of this but I'm afraid I'm turning into a gear magpie who's just collecting nice shiny things. Doe this Live offer anything else I can't already do with my existing gear?

  • When arranging a song on the MPC Live does it use the traditional "chain sequences together" approach, or is it like a modern DAW with tracks and parts that can be moved around (linear)?

  • please sir im new in mpc stuff.iwould like to know if is possible play various different beats in song mode continue playing..120 bars song with different beats for example and not only 8 bars loop as i saw in majority of youtube demonstration videos…thank you

  • i bought the MPC live, had it for about 3 weeks and am so overwhelemed. keep in mind i am literally JUST getting into beat making so all this terminolgy used is confusing. however i would like to know if it is possible to do a sort of beginners guide for the MPC Live, someone like me who only knows a thing or two about producing. it would be GREATLY appreciated.


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