• Hey Tony another awesome tutorial! I purchased a MPC Studio a few months back and I've used all your videos to help me get into groove with it! That being said, I grew up off of a lot of classic rock and metal so I was wondering if you could flip a rock or metal song in the future! They are a lot harder for me to sample I have found out.

  • Hi Tony,

    Thank you for this quality tutorial. I was about to say yes you can apply to effect to all the samples but Lounes just told you about it….

    I am used to work on Ableton and I am wondering if you can apply effects on your samples like reverb, ping pong etc.
    Do you know any thing about that?

    Many thanks,

    Keep up the good and can't wait to join your group.

  • thanks again Tony for the info great lesson on sampling and chopping
    tony i was trying to join the pad bank but it looks like its close on face book..
    how do i get an invite

  • If its cool with you Tony, I'd wanna join ur padbank group,,I also use MPC studio , use to use FL but sings I've moved onto Akai I haven't looked back lol , I've got a Ren too, they use the same software as you know.

  • yes Tony you Can assign the fade in, fade out or whatever effect on all your pad : on the sample edit mode, at the bottom you have "edit zone" with 3 options : current​, multiple or all. the option "current" means that the effect is affected only on the pad you've selected. just click on "all" and all your pad will be selected !
    great vidéo peace !!

  • Hey bro its always best to time stretch to match the bpm of your track , and also if the sample wave has decayed in volume after the time stretch just normalise it again.

  • Yes Tony you can do it. In Program Edit mode in the "Edit Zones" section. (Note: Edit Zones only appears in Drum Programs)) If you want to affect one pad leave the setting on "Current". If you want affect more than a single pad at a time, change the option to "Multiple" then tap on or use your mouse in the software to select the pads you want to deal with. The pad that will be affected will show a purple outline. Lastly, if you want to affect all pads across all banks in a program at once, then change the option to "All" and your changes will be applied universally within that program. See ya in the FB group. 😉


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