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sampling with Beatmaker 2: iPad


Hey fellow beat junkies! Thanks for joining us today for another action packed Pro Tools video here sampling with Beatmaker 2: iPad
at Central Beats. This evening we will be jumping into:
sampling with Beatmaker 2: iPad

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About Beatmaker 2

BeatMaker 2 by INTUA: the most versatile and developed music workstation for your iPad or iPhone.

Joining music creation instruments that were behind the achievement of innumerable craftsmen, BeatMaker 2 is an intense, simple to-utilize arrangement interface for beginners and experts alike.

Make your own hip hop beats on the go, Dream up your own virtual home-studio, make different instruments and associate them to a full-scope of sound.

Create, record, mastermind and arrange your thoughts into complete tunes, prepared to be competitive to others.

Import your own sounds or utilize the sound library: more than 170 amazing instrument and drum presets from synthesizers to reasonable symphonic sounds. You can even import melodies from your music library!

Interface your MIDI instruments for more control of BeatMaker’s instruments, impacts and blender, perfect for home-studio creations and live exhibitions.

Works on all iPhone, iPod and iPad models beginning with third generation gadgets (iPhone3GS, iPod3G 32GB, iPhone 4/4S/5, all iPads).



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