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Pro Tools Tutorial: How To Sync Pro Tools 11 With Logic Pro X


Hey guys! Thanks for visiting us today for another must see Pro Tools lesson here at Central Beats. Today we will be jumping into: Pro Tools Tutorial: How To Sync Pro Tools 11 With Logic Pro X
Pro Tools Tutorial: How To Sync Pro Tools 11 With Logic Pro X

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A BIG shoutout to the original author of this great tutorial! Thank you!


  1. i have a beat in logic, but my vocals don't play in pro tools. it records and i see the level moving in the mixer, but no sound from pro tools. logic also keeps playing when i try to loop a section in pro tools.

  2. You're talking about sending MTC (time code) yet your transport display isn't showing timecode to verify that the two are actually synced to the fame time code. They're instead showing bars and beats. Is this connection actually timecode specific? Also, do you know how to connect both DAW's so that when moving the playhead via dragging or typing in a playhead location in the transport within the DAW, the playhead follows in the connected DAW without the play button needing to be pressed? Thanks

  3. Interesting! I prefer PT in general, and for example the workspace function is essential to me (Logic's Media Browser is just bad). But Logic has some stuff like synths and 'bounce in place' that I miss in PT. I wonder if this is any help, probably not though…

  4. what that audio file is running before beginning this tutorial in pro tools? Im confused, do we need to create audio file at first in pro tools before sync from logic? or whats that audio file seen in pro tools session ?

  5. This was super helpful! Thanks! 

    Small workflow issue. Anyone figured out a way to make a loop function work properly between the two programs? If I try to loop a section of a project, Pro Tools (master) loops just fine, however, Logic will not loop along with it…..making being creative quite a hassle. Anyone else run into this issue? Any tricks to get around it?

  6. Thank you very much. It is very helpful. But I have a question. Does "SYNC" means that all operations are synchronized ? like automations, effects, plugins ? Thank you.

    Sébastien Le Gall

  7. great video russ 🙂 One quick question. Should I disable core audio in logic preferences while using my mbox 2 with logic pro x on my mbp running 10.8.5? Or should the core audio be on while i am using my mbox 2 drivers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi Russ !!!! Thank you for these tips… I need to do the same thing in order to use LogicX as a V.I. host for very big sessions. My problem is I need to do it with 2 computers ( one mac with Pro Tools as master and Logic as slave on a macbookpro, both being linked by ethernet port ). I know it's possible, and your demonstration conforts my opinion. But I do I technically "create the network link" between both macs ?

  9. Thanks Russ. It was basically something to do with the MIDI Message that was Hijacked by the Controller Assignment. I deleted based on the below and it started working. Thanks once again for your kind reply.

  10. nice video im a bit of a noob just wondering why would anyone would want to sync the both programs like that? can you give an example of a situation where this would be needed/useful? thanks 🙂

  11. That was wonderful news! Is it possible to use PT 10 and Logic 9? I wanted to wait for a couple of plugins to catch up in about a month and then I will go to Logic X.

    Thank you!

  12. Go into the MIDI environment window in Logic go to the clicks and ports layer then remove the cable connection from the output of the MIDI monitor to the sequencer input, you can always put it back when you need it.

  13. Thanks Russ for this excellent tutorial. By the way I have a crazy problem in Logic Pro X where the D2 Note on my MIDI Controller doesn't play that Note in Logic. I have tried at some solutions that were posted in the Apple Logic Support Forums but in vain. It would be of great help if you could give me some information to resolve this….


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