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Pro Tools 101: Setting Up A Print Track


Hey guys! Thanks for visiting us today for another action packed Pro Tools lesson here at Central Beats. Today we will be getting into: Pro Tools 101: Setting Up A Print Track
Pro Tools 101: Setting Up A Print Track

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A BIG shoutout to the original author of this great tutorial! Thank you!


  1. Brian I need help ASAP please. I just got a new pc and reinstalled my protools. For some reason when I arm the record track button to hear the playback, the print track signal shows no activity at all until I stop all playback to which it shows a signal burst at the very last millisecond after stopping playback… What's going on? It only playsback when I arm the record track and the record button in the transport window to then I start recording a print track… All I need to do is hear playback for mixing before I record the print track… Help please

  2. Hello Brian, I'm getting heavy distortion recording MIDI in 44.1. Is my track ruined? 🙁 Do I have to start from scratch using 96k? My track has multiple midi keyboard layers and i'm getting popping and clicking in the final master. I don't really hear any distortion in my mix when played in pro tools but when I bounce the file out and re import it, it sounds like static pops and hissing on keyboard parts that get louder or multilayered.

  3. Do you have a vocal template that has the pluggins in it already? I'd like to see and learn from it if possible. I play smooth jazz & pop and would like BGV's to be clean and crisp

  4. I couldn't figure out why I didn't hear anything…did all the same steps following another tutorial….but they didn't mention that I have to switch on input monitoring. Thank you for this, really nicely explained!
    The only thing I didn't fully get – why would I insert the aux track – rather than routing the bus right into the print track?

  5. Suppose you have two tracks (say guitar and drums) and both send signal out to the same reverb bus. How do you print separate tracks with the effect?


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