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How to send a pro tools session over the internet


Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting us this fine day for another must see Pro Tools lesson here at Central Beats. Today we will be jumping into: How to send a pro tools session over the internet
How to send a pro tools session over the internet

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A BIG shoutout to the original author of this great tutorial! Thank you!


  1. Doug! Maybe you can help. I am getting .ptf's from Pro Tools 7 on Windows and trying to open them on my Mac with PT 12. I am getting some sounds but no session data or vise-a-versa. Can you direct me to someone who can explain this to a cretin?

  2. and for a studio running fiber optic and digital, 96k session/192 sessions end up being converted down, because they require more interface inputs and outputs to actually play correctly.. I guess to answer your question again, unless your making movie, and marketing a blue ray disc release.. not saying if you already recorded at 192 that's fine and all but for your benefit unless your rocking some super interface, you can't even hear it.

  3. I meant, most sample rates above 48 k, are usually for creation of dvd's and blue ray discs, but it's over kill for a musician looking to turn out a independent release..movies will take a 16 bit 44.1 song and use it if needed.. what I mean to boil all this down. it's not necessary

  4. so bottom line, you got a verb on a vocal, you aren't like super excited about send us a dry one, and a one with the verb on.. Great songs come from craziest things, like we may use a heavy nice compression on the verb track, then add our own room to the dry vocal, and we have a motown style vocal it's all about making everything it's best..

  5. In the video I spoke of leaving reverb on, but Don't leave reverbs on your not sure of, we can really bring a amazing space around your song, with the convertors and verbs we use. so you may be better off, letting us match the verb you were going for! A plugin reverb replicates space, the Apogee symphony I/o we uses is impressive, the space and dimension we can add is awesome.. when you bounce a reverb on a track we are effecting a already converted reverb.. reverbs for effect are different


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