• great video one tip is you can actually copy and paste all the drum lines at once by clicking and dragging to highlight then copying and pasting to the next sequence

  • How can you do this without losing the sound of the first program you used in the first sequence?

    For instance, when I make a second sequence and want to put a piano over the beat, i either cant hear the piano or cant hear the beat I was making previously. Why is this and how can I fix that? I went about adding the new program but it muted my first program which was the drums. Then when I double click the drum program everything is heard again, then back to the same once i double click the next program which would be the pianos.

  • Video super helpful but I am lost when it comes to the hybrid program. Can you help? I built a drum beat on sequence 1 and then created a beat in hybrid plug in and I want to combine both but I do not know how to do it. So far I can just play one after the other and when I try to copy it….there is no sound. Help!!!

  • Owoo man I am so happy for ur replay, thank u so much. U can find me on Facebook as Alex Gil is just me in the pic. How can I find u on Facebook? Best regards amigo

  • hello amigo , i just bought a mpc element but dont really know how to use it, and the way u explain is very clear. is there any chance u can tech me how to use my mpc?please

  • is it possible to make songs using samples and plugins? i made a beat using some drum samples but when i try to add an instrumental part from Hybrid3 all the beats ive recorded using the samples change to the Hybrid3 instrument.. is there a way to layer both inputs?

  • Very nice tutorials 🙂
    I like the way you explain it, and aswel the accent you use.
    Thanks to help me in these basic parts 🙂 Much more handy than the akai manual 🙂

  • I might be kind of late but just purchase a MPC Renaissance couple of weeks ago and I was having problems with the sequence mode song mode until I watch your video best f**** video ever that's how you do a detailed video thumbs up all the f**** way

  • I have a problem. I just don't get any sound. I use an akai mpk mini mkII but it just doesn't make any sound. Even when I have a sequence and play it it doesn't give me any sound 😐

  • so in other words what your saying is, this is how you make your tracks longer ? ive been kind of puzzled on how to make the tracks longer. or more than just two sequences. i turned loop off but that still makes it sort of difficult. best regards (Sorry Newb Here)

  • Perfect instruction… Thank you for simplifying this so a person like me can understand. I'm old school MPC 60/3000/2000XL. With everything being computer based, its hard to go from the old stuff to the new. Will be looking forward to more. Thanks again..


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