• -Cl2a Compressor Knocking down like -6db
    -Reductive EQ
    -Harmonic Distorting with Decapitator
    -Compressor again , more constant knock like -3db
    -API 560 EQ Adding air (16k)

    A/B Damn i cannot hear SHIT with my speakers. Smfh.

  • It sounds great but what would happen if you raised the volume and compressed some more would that not make the vocals louder. All in all it sounded great it was just she seems like a shy quiet person who needs to be to loud in the mic like kimya dawson or Haley Reinhart. Also would it not sound better to have her equal the horns .

  • "Everything was very well recorded, with great (beautiful) vocal, with great microphones, […] but it took a lot of work to make this vocal sit in the mix". Did you hear yourself when you were saying that +Ian Vargo?


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