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Drake – Views From The 6 Type Beat Tutorial Preview


The Beats Generals bring us another incredible lesson for FL Studio (better known as Fruity Loops for all you old school heads).

This time you will be watching the Drake – Views From The 6 Type Beat Tutorial Preview!

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  1. This beat is dope, fire , mind blowing.

    Hook — uh! views from the 6ix, all the fame, all the money and the chicks. x2

    Chorus — I protect my city like am Bruce wayneeeee,
    old life style, just living it in a new way
    big ups to my team cus we all doing big things
    mehn! u should come through cus we all just needing big rings
    owning this game boy, i should be crowned king
    feel like David slaying giants with one swing
    To u all didn't think i'll make it this far
    I dent the game while u all just leaving scares
    I've made my mark, watcha u gonna do about
    u all probably just litght a spliff and talk about it
    cus real talk u cant do a thing about it
    am big fan of 6ix gods but all in needed was Jesus to make it.


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