• LOL @5min an 17seconds your head is like COMMAND SHUT THE FUCK UP is what it is ­čśŤ hahaha i know the feeling lmfao i'0.m a mac user to i've learned most of the command keys already macs are the shit for music making for video production an music production but terrible for gaming.´╗┐

  • I just got pro tools and I was wondering what some of the best plugins I should get. I like wave tune for doing pitch corrections and auto tunes sounds. What other plug ins would you recommend for Compression, Delay, etc.´╗┐

  • if you put it on SLIP it will just slide across when you edit instead of just on the markers!…but i still gotta learn how to EQ the vocals right thats why i came to this video!´╗┐

  • Well….hands in the air….i made it 9 minutes In….God I'm so sick of this amateur ass shit!!! How the fuxk can we possibly hear what's going on when the sound is all fucked up and distorted? Then he cut the breaths and I was done lol….just done…There was a point when I was like 15 years old and I would go and spend hours and cut out every single little breath….and then it would sound robotic….breaths are what makes it sound human…you fade in the breaths if they're too loud…if not just leave them alone…listen to any major label production…they're in there. As soon as I can get a screen capture program that doesn't infect the fucking living shit outta my computer! !!….i will be starting my own youtube channel and putting useful. ..to the point….relevant information that will REALLY help you guys. ..cuz this guy is on a fast track to fuck up your mixes.´╗┐

  • I jus watch you video on mixing… appreciate it bro…. jus one question what kind if Mic u using.. and is it good for a soprano singer.. sounds good wit a high pitch rapper ´╗┐


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