• I thought I finally found the answer to my month long quest of being able to stream with DAW and Interface and voice (via usb mic) …
    but I am stuck at the "VST Audio System" step.. i cannot find the same thing (or similar) in Reaper (DAW). I read through every option, and do not see a corresponding similar option in Reaper, and also looked for the "release driver when in background" option, can't find that either.

    Once again, I feel I am one step from getting this to work as needed, but am stonewalled again.
    can you help?

  • Do you have to0 make all these SETTING every time you want to record a new Camtasia/Cubase project?  Or are there just lots to make the very first time you INSTALL it, and then only a couple of settings to make each time please?

  • This program fucked up my Cubase, it got very unstable and i could'nt switch back to my soundcard driver, i had to uninstall the whole program and restart my pc, so don't bother to use this program, you have been warned.

  • Thanks for this video this has been most helpful. Is the noise on the background throughout this video just a gate on the mic opening and closing or is there some deterioration to the audio when using Odeus?

  • these drivers are great and all however Im having a problem using this driver in programs such as pinnacle studio which is a video editing software that doesnt support ASIO drivers period so your drivers dont allow me to hear sound normally when editing my videos.. how can I fix this?

  • If you guys have any video suggestions, related to this or similar topics, I would really like to hear them. The only criteria: it has to be something you can't find elsewhere on youtube.

  • Doesn't seem to be working with mics 3-8 (only 1+2). ASIO Link is showing levels coming through but not getting anything in Windows Sound Driver or Cubase. Any advice on how to set up more than 2 mics?

  • Im having a problem where i hear myself through the speakers with the mic as well. Any way to disable hearing myself in the speakers but still record the mic audio?? Its wayyyyy annoying hearing myself talk & with latency 

  • This method assumes that your windows soundcard is active as a default, effectively running two concurrent, and linked, soundcards – your ASIO interface and the PC's Windows soundcard. My windows soundcard is disabled as a factory setting. All my sounds, DAW and system run through my interface by default. Will I be able to capture mic and DAW sound in the screen capture software at all?

    What about if my mic runs through the DAW as an input, with the channel hidden from view?


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