• You are not finshed here, u said to chop every single pad, but how do u chop at every single pad? it does not work. u didint show it. u just did by urself at the beginning,  how do u exaclty chop at and then put it in single pad? like it doesnt work.  how each sound in each pad chop by? , can u help me? thanks 

  • I downloaded beat maker 2 about a mouth ago an haven't been off it since so many tunes allready some am happy with an some i would like to (delete) but don't no how could you please tell how to delete a project ???

  • I like this video, but what I would like to do is set the pads with pieces of the song, and then sit on my drums kit and press pad 1, and play along, then press pad 2 and play along, could this be possible?

  • This is a wonderful video. I though I would share a small tip from a music production expert: Music creation is my life. I always wanted to work in the music industry. I've recorded some songs and I am close to achieving my dream. After losing countless hours with inadequate software I finally found the best software for music production for the new year. visit my channel to find a link I posted for this program

  • thanks for the video! i got a question for you: i work with pads for a live performance
    and i need a way to "sync" a pad to the one is playing.. eg. i got 2 pads 1st with a 4 bar kick and the second with a synth loop. The first pad is going on and i want to "enter" in sync with the synth, but if i press it a little "beat" (very funny humorism) late it is not synced with the kick loop.. any suggestion? thanks in advanced

  • This was helpful…after watching here are my questions. To get that really nasty hip hop going down you have to be able to randomize the snares, kicks and hats. Make it sound less quantized. How do you work in BM2 without the Quantize on? How do you get in on each midi note and shift them slightly? Lastly can you raise and lower the velocity of each hit? Thanks for you work…best tutorials on BM2


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