• Thanks Gina, that was really professionally done. I look forward to watching more videos in the series. I do have a concern that people with Mac Book Pro's are frequently without external drives so they get into a habit of saving on the same drive they run PT from. But that's not a good practice as the audio you record should record to a drive that is not also opening and closing files required to run your OS and your application programs and plugins. It can cause conflicts and errors with bandwidth that could make you miss that magic moment.

    I actually use three drives. I use an SSD for PTs built into my iMac. I use a 2nd USB3 external drive for saving the session. (I highly recommend Glyph over all others as they seem to be the best built and lots of musicians use them). I use a 3rd drive for samples used by my virtual instruments like BFD3 and Native Instrument Komplete 10. Someone below (new jersey devil) thought you should record on the main drive because it gets backed up, but I've got my iMac's "Time Machine" program backing up all three drives to yet a 4th drive (here I skimped on a Western Digital 4TB "Mybook" – good enough).

    Thanks again.

  • thank you so much of making these videos! you inspire me a lot and grate so see women doing Pro Tools. 🙂 now need to keep on studying.. especially cos tomorrow is my first Pro Tools AVID test!

    I just have a question, I really love that Tootrack for Ezzie Drummer Plug in, it is good and have a lot to use for, but i would to do drums live sessons, how can I do it?

  • Very commendable production of lesson 1. So often on tutorials the presenter will use short cuts and not explain what they did. Some talk so fast and work so speedily you can't keep up. Ms. Gina does not fall into that trap! Very well done!!

  • This Dame is working for the Plug In Companies. Wish I had the money she thinks her viewers have ha ha. Anyone tells you not to read the manual: Do not believe the tripe they come out with.


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